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We understand and respect our staff

Flexibility and communication is key for Everest. We regularly keep in touch with our home managers and staff to ensure they are happy with the arrangements we provide.

Unlike other agencies, our payments are accurate and on time every single month. In over a decade of operating, we have never missed a pay day. This is one of the many reasons we have such long serving staff and continually receive referrals from our existing staff for new members to join the team.

From the very beginning we will offer the training and materials you need to make sure you are ready for your next role. You have freedom to accept or decline shifts as you wish, and this will not impact your offers for more work in the future. We understand life can throw a spanner in the works sometimes and will NEVER charge you for calling in sick or missing a shift. If you are unable to attend, just let us know as soon as possible and we will attempt to find cover.

The well being of the residents in our homes comes above anything, and we want the best people possible to fill our roles to make their time there as enjoyable as can be.

Our unique method of recruitment

The way we operate allows for the speediest and most efficient method of recruitment. Once you visit us for an initial registration, we will check all of your details and documentation so we can establish if you’re suited for us and match our high expectations of our agency staff.

After this, the work can begin and we can get you in to a home as soon as possible. We work to get you in the home most suited to your location and give you only the hours you’d like to work. If you don’t want a shift – there is no pressure to take it. We understand that life can change and everyone has different commitments, so you will continue to get great opportunities presented to you as long as you are working regularly and professionally within our homes.

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Don’t forget our payment pledge

The Everest payment pledge is one of our proudest successes. In over 13 years in business, we have never missed a payment for one of our agency staff.

If all paperwork is filled in accurately and on time – you can guarantee we will never miss or incorrectly pay you. Our respect for our hard working staff and the great service they provide means they command prompt and correct payment every month. This is just one of the reasons we have had such amazing staff on our books for so long, and why we continue to grow and expand with each passing year.

If you’d like to learn more about our process of recruitment, you can view more by pressing the button below.